Go deeper into Fractionland and learn how all of the chaos started

Explore new mysteries, meet new characters, find hidden objects

Monsters VS Fractions Episode 2, Part 1

Something strange is going on at the food processing facility. A mysterious monster has been messing with the machines and all of the food in Fractionland is disgusting! Help our friends fix the machines and return the food supply back to normal – all while you grow your understanding of Common Fractions.

Monster Merge

Match and merge monsters together to evolve and unlock new monsters! This is a casual game of strategy that is easy to learn and challenging to master. You can even use your knowledge of fractions to super charge your progress and evolve your monsters even faster. 

Hidden Object Story 1: How It All Began

Dr. Chaos was researching a new renewable energy source when things went terribly wrong! Follow along and collect objects hidden throughout this interactive story. 

Hidden Object Story 2: A Strange Disappearance

Some of our Monster friends have disappeared into the mysterious Null dimension. Follow Inspector Vaughn as she tries to crack the case - make sure to keep your eyes open so you can collect the strange objects hidden in this new world.